About myself

Fine Art printing  on every-day media, your  or mine best pictures,  images or designs,  is the way I have found to keep up living expenses while pursuing a life -long dream:  full time dedication to painting and taking pictures, in remote areas of the world , without the normal pressures and ties of assignments, clients, exhibits  of other, perhaps, easier aproches. please take a look at some of the results and feel free to ask for art-prints in any size,  a dozen hand made calendars with your logo or your text, or perhaps as a very special gift for someone : A  limited edition book, masterly crafted, designed and ilustrated to  suit  your own preferencess, go take a look  to my portfolio of avaible images at: www.flickr.com/photos/tonycanossa/

For stock images and Photo Assignments, world wide represented by :http://www.photographersdirect.com/tonycanossa


Advertising Design Diploma, from Ringling School of art, Sarasota Fla. USA. 1971-1974

Visual Comunications Design, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. 1980-1983

Museum Exhibits design,  Seminar by the British Council, Cordoba 1989  Argentina.


Art Director for National parks of El Salvador ( 1977-1980)

Oficial Photographer for the National Theater of El Salvador ( 1977-1980)

Designed the Parque Iraola, señalization system. ( 1982-1984)

Designed the Sierra de la Ventana , provincial park, sign system (1984)

Director de exhibiciones del Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata , Argentina ( 1986-1992)

Art Director for the Embassy of El Salvador en Bs.As. Argentina, 1999-2009

In charge of the embassy visual comunications, Art director, coordinator, and creator of VISTAZO, the official embassy publication along its first 86 numbers Realized 5 photography exhibits including the itinerant exhibit , El Salvador in 80 vistazos, and an Oil Mural Painting of 20 by 5 feet. comisioned by the Foreign Ministry of El Salvador.

Awarded the “Overseas Salvadorean of the Year ” 2006

Owner of  Tonycanossa Visual arts,  Photography and Graphic Design Studio, focused in serving the visual comunication needs of  small and  medium size industry. 1990-2009

Director of exhibits for the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata.

1985 – 1992 Awarded the Centenary Diploma to the Meritory Labor


Photography of the book , “Supervivencia o Extincion, el dilema de nuestra flora y fauna” (El Salvador 1979)

Pothographed and designed “Sierra de la Ventana, the last stand of our pampas” (1985)

Design and  ilustration (122 scientific ilustrations) of  “From Dinos to Gliptos” a paleontological history.


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